The Baby Corn Diaries: A Stroll Through Seattle


Who the hell is theflyingkimchi?

So you’ve found my story book. Yes story book. I’m not going to call this a blog because well, I don’t feel like calling this a blog. I guess this could be considered a photoblog of sorts and I suppose I’d be ok with calling it that too but nope, I think I’m just going to stick with calling this my story book. Truth be told I’m simply just tired of social media and I REALLY needed a better outlet for my photography as Instagram has become nothing but a popularity contest full of hashtags and pretty faces showcased on a platform that’s owned by that evil empire… I mean Facebook…  What about Facebook you ask? Well… Facebook is… Well… Facebook… No I kid, really I do. Facebook isn’t evil but it’s just well… Facebook. Insert shrugging emoji here. 

So that brings me here. Some of you may recall my old Livejournal blog that I kept years ago and may think that this is a reincarnation of it. I wouldn’t quite say that this is a reincarnation of my old Livejournal as I’ll probably have some guest content posted here at some point as well some other random things thrown in just because I can. The truth is theflyingkimchi started out as a hilarious misunderstanding of my name from Facebook that turned into a humorous joke that became reality and here it is: a visual and sometimes written documentation of my life.  

Well I should say, the documentation of my life that I’m willing to share with the interwebz at least. So yeah, keep an eye out as I’ll slowly be drifting away from Facebook and posting only limited content on Instagram. Theflyingkimchi is, and quite frankly will always be, a work in progress but if you follow me here you’ll be able to learn about the stories behind the photos and some of the uh, shenanigans and stuff that I stumble into as I continue on my quest to become the second most interesting man in the world. And if you’re wondering who the first is, you OBVIOUSLY have not been paying attention to any of those Dos Equis commercials have you?

Anyways to kickstart this all off here’s a set of photos from my recent overnight in Seattle. Funny how we, or at least I (though I’m pretty sure you all do the same thing so don’t lie), seem to view a place differently when you see it through the eyes of a visitor as opposed to the eyes of a someone who lives there. 

Oh and if you’re wondering about the back story. Well it’s pretty simple this time around: I woke up, found a great Burundi pour over from Anchorhead Coffee, perused some expensive camera gear to feed my GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) at Glazer’s Camera before purchasing some various rolls of film and then heading off for my favorite bowl of Pho Ga in downtown Seattle. Et Viola! Welcome to theflyingkimchi!

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