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An accidental engagement shoot Because life works that way

Song of the day: Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett

I seriously haven’t shot an engagement session since… Um… 2012? Perhaps 2011? I honestly don’t really even know. As I said in my previous post, I gave up weddings long ago and with that went the engagement shoots. I can honestly say though that I wasn’t planning on shooting one anytime soon either but a last minute text from my APSJ buddy Chris changed all of that. Why you ask? It just so happens that Chris’ fiancĂ© was in town visiting from the UK and she wanted a few quick shots at the beach for “their engagement” if it could be done. I couldn’t say no to a fellow APSJ and quite frankly, I was itching to get out and do a little bit of shooting myself. Although I’ll readily admit that this session quickly reminded me of how rusty I am at shooting engagements, it was definitely some good practice for five-twenty-two-eighteen. Anyways today’s shoot was a real short one due the rapidly fading golden light so here’s a few quickies for the soon to be bride and groom.